Arrange for sod installation services in Chesterfield, O'Fallon, Wentzville, MO, & surrounding areas

Get a Gorgeous Lawn in No Time

Don't waste years of your free time trying to grow a lawn from seed. Hire K&S Lawn Maintenance for sod installation services in O'Fallon, Bridgeton & Chesterfield, MO and surrounding areas. We can help you decide on the perfect type of sod and install it in a speedy manner.

Our process includes:

  • Lawn clearance
  • Land grading
  • Topsoil/compost installation
  • Soil conditioning
  • Sod rolling
  • Removal of existing grass

Contact us immediately to arrange for sod installation services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.

See why sod is so popular

K&S Lawn Maintenance does sod installation work in the O'Fallon, Bridgeton & Chesterfield, MO areas. You should think about installing sod because it can:

  • Give you a thick, green lawn in just two to three weeks
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Help reduce your water bills
  • Prevent soil erosion

Wish you had a gorgeous lawn? Call 314-766-6233 right away to get the ball rolling on your sod installation.

What to consider when watering your new sod

The first few weeks after sod installation are vital for it to take root and thrive. When caring for your sod, you should:

  • Water it for 45 minutes immediately after installation
  • Water it three times per day for 20 minutes each for a few weeks
  • Consider rainfall so you don't overwater
  • Monitor the soil for about four weeks to make sure it isn't soggy or dry
Call us if you have questions during the first few weeks after sod installation. We're happy to help make sure your new sod looks its best.